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The Facial Collective is an advanced skin clinic located in beautiful Ringwood, Victoria. Specialising in the facials, skin and brows, we will walk you through every step of your journey to ensure you get the best possible results.

Our promise

At The Facial Collective we promise to help start your skin or brow journey and leave you 100% confident in us and the treatments we provide. Any treatment that you don’t leave completely satisfied with we are happy to re-do at no charge.


About us

The Facial Collective is a curated clinic dedicated to taking the hard work and stress out of skin. We pride ourselves on creating and rebuilding healthy, functional skins with bespoke treatments, high-grade products and modalities whilst taking a holistic approach and giving you the time and space to relax your mind, body and soul. With a large focus on educating our clients of all concerns to give them the tools to take charge of their skin

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