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LED Treatments near me

Our medical grade LED can treat a range of conditions and concerns from acne to inflammation it can also promote skin wound healing and collagen production.

Lumina LED-PDT is a photodynamic treatment device that uses LEDs in blue, red, infrared, yellow, green, and mixed colours.

Lumina LED provides safe, reliable, and steady use. For the highest output intensity in the aesthetic industry.

Express LED Facial



Breaking out before an event? Eczema flaring up? 
This short but sweet treatment works perfectly for any skin emergencies or in between your higher grade treatments such as Skin needling or Peels for aid in healing and strengthening the skin.

Standard LED Facial



There’s nothing standard about this facial!

This facial is suited to all skin types and is carefully curated to cater to all your needs and concerns whilst giving you the time to relax. Starting with a double cleanse, exfoliation, LED and a modality or services that is carefully selected to give you your desired result.

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Get in Touch

Please call, email or come see us for any additional information.

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